Past Images of the Month - August 2011

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Postcard photograph, published by Breitkopf & Härtel, London. c.1900. Early editions of the Six Piano Pieces, Op.5, first published in 1885.  The Basso Ostinato quickly became - and was to remain - Arensky’s most popular work. [Suite for 2 pianos, Op.15]   Moscow, [1888?]. Trois morceaux, Op.19  Moscow, [1889]. Bigarrures, Op.20.  Moscow, [1889?]. Silhouettes (2me Suite) pour deux pianos, Op.23   Moscow, [1892]. Trois esquisses, Op.24   Moscow, [1889]. Trio (D moll), Op.32   Moscow, [1894]. Sechs Romanzen, Op.44   Moscow & Leipzig, [1899]. Fantaisie sur des chants épiques russes, Op.48   Moscow & Leipzig, [1900]. Nuit d’Egypte. Ballet en un acte, Op.50.  Piano score. Moscow & Leipzig, [1901]. Près de la Mer: six esquisses, Op.52.  Moscow & Leipzig, [1901]. Kinder-Suite (Kanons) for 2 pianos, Op.65.  Moscow & Leipzig, [1904]. [3 Melodeclamations for speaker and orchestra, Op.68.]   Full score.  Moscow & Leipzig, [1904].  These settings of prose-poems by Turgenev are dedicated to the great Russian actress Vera Komisarjevska. Arensky’s last opera, Nal’ i Damayanti, to a libretto by Modest Tchaikovsky, was first performed at Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre in January 1904.  This programme is for a performance at the Maryinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg on 25 January 1908, two years after the composer's death.