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Past Exhibition of the Month - February 2012

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Carte-de-visite photograph by R. W. Thrupp, Birmingham (after John & Charles Watkins, London). Royal College of Music, London. Hullah (John): Ballad from the opera The Village Coquettes, to a text by Dickens (first performed St. James's Theatre, London 6 December 1836). London, [1836]. The Ivy Green. Written by Charles Dickens Esqr. London, [1844]. [A setting of a poem from Pickwick Papers.] Weippert (George): The Pickwick Quadrilles.  London, [1837?]. Hawley (Lavinia E.): Little Nell.   London, [c.1865]. Godfrey (Dan):  Little Nell.  Waltz.  London, [1871]. 'Hélène':  Dolly Varden Schottische.  London, [c.1880]. Thompson (Douglas): A Christmas Carol.  London, [1844?]. Anon.:  The Chimes Quadrille.London, [c.1855]. A reissue; first published in 1846. Jullien (Louis Antoine):  Jullien's Chimes Quadrilles.  London, [1845]. Lancelott (F.): The Chimes Quadrille.  London, [1845?]. Jullien (Louis Antoine):  The Cricket Polka. London, [1846?]. Saunders (S.D.): The Cricket on the Hearth Quadrilles.  London, [1846?]. Glover (Stephen):  What are the wild Waves saying?   London, [1848].  [based on an episode in Dombey and Son]. Glover (Stephen):   What are the wild waves saying?  (another edition, printed from type). Linley (George):   Clara.  Ballad, from David Copperfield. London, [1850]. Blockley (John):  Floating Away.  Ballad. London, [1857]. [based on an episode in Little Dorrit] Wilson (William): Tom Tiddler's Polka.   London, [1862]. Coote (Charles) the Younger: Coote's Mugby Junction Galop.  Duet.  London, [1867?]. The Charles Dickens Dinner.  An authentic record of the public banquet given to Mr.Charles Dickens at the Freemasons' Hall, London on Saturday, November 2, 1867, before his departure for the United States.  London, 1867. Dickens's own copy of the American edition of No Thoroughfare (see below).   New York, [1868]. Charles Dickens on Fechter's Acting;  followed by the critical notices extracted from the London journals.  Leeds, [1867?] Ticket for St Martin's Hall, November-December 1858, including Dickens readings. Lightwood (James T.):  Charles Dickens and Music.  London, 1912.