Past Images of the Month - December 2013

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Schoenberg: Gurre-Lieder. Vocal score. Reissue, Vienna/Leipzig, [c.1920]. Gurre-Lieder. No.11 of the limited edition Full Score, signed by the composer.  Vienna/Leipzig, 1920. Arnold Schönberg: Gurrelieder. Führer von Alban Berg. Kleine Ausgabe. Leipzig/Vienna, 1914. First edition of the vocal score formerly owned by Sir Thomas Beecham. Vienna/Leipzig, 1912. Kolokola...Glocken...The Bells. Full score. Moscow-Leipzig, 1920. Kolokola. Les Cloches. Die Glocken. The Bells. Study score. Moscow, [1920]. Rachmaninov.  Autograph signature under a laid-down cutting.