Past Images of the Month - January 2014

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Adolphe Charles Adam (1803-1856).  Lithograph by Auguste Bry after Antoine Maurin, Paris, [c.1850]. Cantique de Noël. 2e Édition. Paris, [1852]. Cantique de Noël. (No. 125 in the collection L’Aurore). London, [1852]. This first English edition was printed by Schott of Mainz and has texts in French and German only. 1852 is the year this long-established music publishing business (244 years old this year) opened its first London shop. Cantique pour Noël. London, [1858].  This is the first edition with English (as well as French) text. Cantique de Noël. Late nineteenth century reissue of the Schott edition shown previously. Alfred Lefébure-Wély : Celèbre Cantique de Noël … transcrit pour piano, harmonium, etc.  Mainz, [1863]. J. Charles Hess : Nocturne sur Noël de Ad. Adam pour piano, Op. 36. Schott & Co., London, [c.1900]. Reisssue of an edition first published in 1863.