Past Images of the Month - May 2014

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Adolf Henselt.  Reproduction of the lithograph by A. Kneisel after a drawing by C. Brandt. 12 Grand Characteristic Studies, Op.2. A late nineteenth century English edition, edited by the distinguished teacher Ernst Pauer. London, [1880]. Douze Études de Salon, Op.5. Edition nouvelle.  Leipzig, [1859]. Si Oiseau j’étais, à toi je volerais!, Étude, Op.2, No.6. New edition of Henselt’s most popular work. Leipzig, [1871?]. First English editions of three of Henselt’s early works.  London, [1838]. Rhapsodie, Op.4. First German edition. Dresden, [1838]. [Ten pieces], Op.13. Berlin, [1843]. Piano Concerto, Op.16. Leipzig, [1846]. Toccatina, Op.25.  Berlin, [1850]. Marche Funèbre, Op.23.  Berlin, [1850]. Piano Trio, Op.24. Hamburg, Leipzig & New York, [1851]. Marche du Couronnement, Op.35.  Berlin, [1855]. Henselt’s edition of Weber’s Selected Piano Works.  Berlin, [1874]. Weber: Grand Duo Concertant, Op.48, transcribed for 2 pianos by Henselt.  Berlin, [1874]. Henselt: Episodischer Gedanke von C. M. von Weber. Leipzig, 1879. Henselt’s edition of Compositions Classiques et Modernes pour le Piano.  Moscow, [1886]. Chopin: Valses, edited by Henselt.  Berlin, [1883]. Finishing Studies for the Piano.  London, [1894].