Past Images of the Month - June 2015

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John Christian Mencke: Waltz composed in honour of the Grand Victory at Waterloo. London, [1815]. Federigo Fiorillo: The Waterloo or Belle Alliance Military Waltz. London, [1815]. H. Liebe: The Battle of Waterloo, or La Belle Alliance. London, [1815]. C. Ogilvy: The Battle of Waterloo. Edinburgh, [1815?]. Nathaniel Gow: Waterloo Medley. Edinburgh, [1816]. Sir Henry Rowley Bishop: The favorite Waterloo Dance ... with Variations by J. von Durwollt. London, [1816?]. Waterloo, from Dale's Collection of Reels and Dances, No.22. London, [1815]. Louis Jansen: Waterloo. Grand March & Quick Step. London, [1815]. The Prince of Waterloo, from G. Walker's Collection of Favorite Dances.  London, 1816.