Past Images of the Month - November 2015

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Étude ... Contenant Cinquante Exercices de Différents Genres, Op.78. Paris, [1805].  Described by Czerny as 'a valuable work, and worthy to follow Cramer's', these studies remained standard teaching material until the end of the nineteenth century. Trois Sonates, Op.1. Paris, [1787]. This is first edition of Steibelt's first set of sonatas. Trois Sonates, Op.2. Paris, [1797?].  First published in Munich in 1788 and in Paris c.1790. Deux Sonates et La Coquette, Op.6. Paris, [1792]. Six Sonates, Op.27. Paris, [1797]. Six Sonates, Op.11, Paris, [1793]. Three Sonatas, Op.26. London, [1799]. A Grand Sonata, Op.30. London, [c.1800]. Amusement for the Ladies. London, [1796]. Celebrated Storm Concerto, Op.33.  London, [c.1813].  First published in 1798. Celebrated Storm Rondo, Op.33. London, [c.1830].  A later edition of the Rondo Finale. Le Jugement du Berger Paris. Piano score, signed by the composer. London, [1804]. La Belle Laitière. Piano score. London, [1805]. Twelve Waltzes, Op.34. London, [1798]. 5e Pot-Pourri ou Caprice. Paris, [1792]. Grand Sonate, Op.[59]. Paris / Lyon, [c.1800]. Grand Duo pour Harpe et Piano. Paris, [1801]. Le Retour du Zephir. Piano score. London, [1809].  This ballet had been performed at the Paris Opéra in 1802. Grande Sonate, Op.64. Paris, [1805]. Six Bacchanales. Paris, [1807]. Three Grand Sonatas, Op.66. London, [1807].  First published by Dale in 1802. Méthode de Piano. Paris, [1805]. A Grand Concerto.  London, [c.1804].  Originally composed for the harp virtuoso Anne Marie Krumpholtz. The Conflagration of Moscow. Grand Fantasia. London, [1815].