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Past Exhibition of the Month - December 2015

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Postcard photograph by Charles Skolik, Vienna. [c.1910] Les Deux Alouettes: impromptu [and] Mazourka, Op.2. Vienna, [1850].  Dedicated to an early girl-friend, Les Deux Alouettes was probably Leschetizky's most popular work. Deux Mazurkas, Op.24. Leipzig, [1884]. A reprint of the work first published in 1861. Quatre Morceaux, Op.36. Hamburg, [1887]. Valse-Caprice, Op.37. London, nd.  A reprint of the work first published in Hamburg in 1887. Souvenirs d'Italie, Op.39. Berlin, [c.1890]. À la Campagne, Op.40. Berlin, [c.1890]. Fantaisie-Nocturne et Valse Coquette, Op.42. Berlin, [1894]. Deux Morceaux, Op.43. Berlin, [1894].  This copy belonged to Leschetizky's pupil, the distinguished British pianist Katharine Goodson. Pastels, Op.44. Berlin, [1897]. Deux Arabesques, Op.45. Berlin, [c.1900]. Contes de Jeunesse, Op.46. Berlin, 1902. Trois Morceaux, Op.48. Berlin, 1909. Chant du Soir, Op49. Berlin, 1913. Compositions pour Piano par Theodor Letchetizky.  [Series title of c.1885]. Stücke aus dem Repertoire Essipoff-Leschetizky. Leipzig, [c.1880].  This popular series of edited repertoire remained in print until at least the 1930s. Compositions pour Piano par Théodore Leschetizky. [Series title of 1909]. Comtesse Angèle Potocka: Theodore Leschetizky, an intimate study of the man and the musician. New York, 1903.  This first published biography of Leschetizky was translated from an unpublished French original by his sister-in-law. A plate from the Potocka book, showing a lithograph by Emile Desmaisons, c.1856. Postcard photograph by Marie Mertens, Vienna, 1902. Inscribed by a previous owner June 1906 and Music room where many a poor soul has been overcome with terror.  Peter Joslin Collection.