Past Images of the Month - April 2016

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Steel engraving by Albrecht Schultheiss. Leipzig & Dresden, [c.1860]. Piano Concerto in D minor, Op.1. 1832.  Label on the front board of the bound autograph score. Programme for Master W. S. Bennett's Miscellaneous Concert, Town Hall, Cambridge, 28 November, 1832. Opening page from the autograph manuscript of the First Piano Concerto.  The sixty-five bar tutti was added to the manuscript after the remainder of the work was complete.  This would seem to account for the absence of title and tempo marking on this page. Watercolour of Bennett in Royal Academy of Music uniform, 1832.  Copy of the original by James Warren Childe. Incipit of the overture Parisina, composed while a student at the RAM in March 1835, and written as an album leaf during Bennett's third visit to Leipzig, 1841-2. Overture Marie du Bois, 1843.  First page of the autograph score.  The title is a tribute to Bennett's fiancée Mary Anne Wood, whom he married in 1844.  The work had several performances between 1844 and 1850 but remained unpublished until Bennett re-used as overture to his popular cantata The May-Queen in 1858. Sonata Duo for cello and piano, Op.32. 1852.  First page of the autograph manuscript. Autograph letter from Schumann to Bennett, Düsseldorf, 2 January 1851. Sterndale Bennett's Pianoforte Works.  London, [1875-6].  A collected edition published soon after the composer's death but planned in conjunction with his former pupil and RAM colleague Arthur O'Leary. Twelve Songs.  Novello, Ewer & Co.: London & New York, [c.1880].  A reissue of an edition of the songs, Op.23 & 35, published in the year of Bennett's death by Lamborn Cock & Co. Pianoforte Compositions by Sir W. Sterndale Bennett.  New edition by Arthur O'Leary, London, [c.1880-1910].  An edition in separate issues, eventually running to more 70 numbers. Sir William Sterndale Bennett's Pianoforte Works.  Edited by Walter Macfarren, London, [c.1895].  A comprehensive series running from c.1880 and edited by another former RAM colleague. Oeuvres Choisis pour Piano par W. Sterndale Bennett.  London, [1887-1899].  The series continued under the title 'W. Sterndale Bennett's Pianoforte Works' up to 1906.