Past Images of the Month - July 2016

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Programme for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, 8 July 1923, in aid of a monument to victims of the Somme.  The Memorial to the Missing of the Somme, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, was eventually built between 1929 and 1932 at Thiepval.  Unveiled by the Prince of Wales on 1 August 1932, it carries the names of 72,099 soldiers and was recently described as 'arguably the greatest work of British architecture of the last, murderous century'.  In 1923 discussions were still at a very early stage and the 'artist's impression' shown on the programme cover is by the Anglo-Belgian painter and engraver Emile Antoine Verpilleux (1888-1964). Caprice Fantastique.  London, 1920. Pyrrhic Dance.  Autograph manuscript, 1912, of the Caprice Fantastique.  Royal College of Music, London. Six Songs from "A Shropshire Lad". London, 1911. Bredon Hill and other Songs from "A Shropshire Lad". London, 1912. Folk Songs from Sussex.  London, 1913. Music and Notation of Sellenger's Round.  London, [1916?]. Two Songs, Op.1. London, 1912. Waltz-Pageant, Op.IIa.  London, 1913. Theme, Variations and Fugue, Op.5.  London, 1913.