Past Images of the Month - August 2016

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Hamish MacCunn.  After a charcoal drawing by John Pettie, 1886.  Pettie produced a number of portraits of MacCunn, who became his son-in-law in 1889. Invitation to the wedding of Alison Pettie and Hamish MacCunn on 4 June 1889. The Land of the Mountain and the Flood, [Op.3].  Full score. London & New York, [1888]. Composed at the age of 18 and premiered under Manns at the Crystal Palace on 5 November 1887, this immediately established MacCunn's reputation and remains his most popular work. Bonny Kilmeny, Op.2. (Vocal score).  London and Edinburgh, [c.1890]. A reissue of the edition first published in 1888. Completed when MacCunn was a 17-year-old student at the RCM, this cantata was first performed in December 1888, after the highly successful public premieres of three orchestral works and Lord Ullin's Daughter. Royal Academy of Music, London. Lord Ullin's Daughter, Op.4. (Vocal score).  London & New York, [1888]. Completed just before the composer resigned his RCM scholarship and premiered at the Crystal Palace on 18 February 1888, this was the first of MacCunn's choral-orchestral works to be herd in public. Psalm VIII.  Edinburgh, [1890]. One of MacCunn's rarer choral works, thought to have been performed only on the occasion for which it was commissioned. Album of Six Songs. Edinburgh, [c.1890?]. A collected edition of six songs originally issued singly in 1888 - and as such probably the first of MacCunn's songs to be published.  Royal Academy of Music, London. A Set of Seven Songs, written by Harold Boulton. London, 1896. Dedicated to Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne. Songs and Ballads of Scotland, with pianoforte accompaniment by Hamish MacCunn. Edinburgh, [1891]. Engraving from The Daily Graphic, 25 October 1897 showing 'Diarmid: The New Opera at Covent Garden'. The cast included Philip Brozel, Marie Duma, Charles Tilbury, Louisa Kirkby-Lunn and Agnes Janson. Page from The Illustrated London News, 30 October 1897, showing the final scene of the opera. An account of the the New Opera "Diarmid" in The Graphic, 30 October 1897. The Call before the Curtain showing from left to right the librettist, Marie Duma, the composer and Diarmid. The Graphic, 30 October 1897. Programme for a private performance to Queen Victoria of six extracts from Diarmid, 8 June 1898. Postcard  photograph by R. Haines, published by J. Beagles & Co., London, [c.1900].