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Past Exhibition of the Month - December 2016

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Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov.  Postcard photograph published by Breitkopf & Härtel, London, c.1910. Early 20th century English editions. London & Brighton, [c.1915]. Quatre Morceaux, Op.6. Moscow, [1894-5]. Rêveries d'Automne, Op.8. Moscow, [1897]. [Around the World], Op.9. Moscow, [1896]. Mélomimiques, Op.11. Moscow, [1900].  This number - Genius and Death - made the strongest in this ground-breaking series. L'Arbre de Noël. [The Christmas Tree: fairy play]. Moscow, [1903].  First performed Moscow, 17 October 1903. Ésclavage et Liberté, Op.22. Moscow, [1903]. Chansons du coeur, Op.24. Moscow, [1903]. Aspirer et Atteindre, Op.25. Moscow, [1903]. Tristesse. Etude musical-psychologique. Moscow, [1903]. Dans leur pays, Op.27. Moscow, [1904]. Feuilles D'automne, Op.29. Moscow, [1904]. Parmi eux, Op.35. Moscow, [1906]. Schneewitchen. [Snow-White. Ballet]. Moscow, [1908]. First performed in Tlibisi, 1907. Cover design by Rudolf Adamek. Méloplastiques. Moscow, [1910]. Album de Pièces Faciles. Moscow, [1909].  The pieces were composed in Vienna in 1906. Fleurs d'automne. Moscow, [1910]. A travers les pays slaves. Moscow, [1911]. Rêves de bonheur. Moscow, [1913]. Dans la forêt, Op.46. Moscow, [1913].  The cover design was commissioned by Rebikov from the Czech symbolist artist Rudolf Adamek (1882-1953).  The fantastic images refer to various Rebikov works and show a mermaid, Lucifer, Pan, The Princess and the Frog-King, a witch, Snow-White and The Christmas Tree.