Past Images of the Month - July 2017

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Amy M. Beach. Photograph, c.1915.  Reproduced from Harriette Brower: Piano Mastery, Second Series. New York, 1917. Plantation Melodies Old and New. New York, 1901.  Inscribed by Burleigh to Mr (later Sir) George Henschel. Negro Minstrel Melodies.  A Collection of ... Songs ... by Stephen C. Foster and others. Edited by H. T. Burleigh. New York, 1909. The Celebrated Negro Spirituals, arranged for Solo Voice by H. T. Burleigh.  Album No.1. London, [1930]. Five Songs of Lawrence Hope. London, 1915. Southland Sketches for violin and piano, New York, 1916. Royal College of Music, London. Passionale. Four songs for tenor. New York, 1915. Sonate in A moll für Pianoforte und Violine, Op.34. Boston, 1899. Quintet in F sharp minor, Op.67. Boston, 1909. The Year's at the Spring. Song, Op.44, No.1.  (New Edition, 1904). London, [1904].