Past Images of the Month - September 2017

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Siegfried Sassoon. Signature, bookplate and contents list, photographed from the endpapers of a volume of Bach keyboard works bound c.1923. (Background shows the front board) D'Indy: Petite Sonate dans la forme classique, Op.9. Paris, [1889]. Reger: Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Joh. Seb. Bach, Op.81. Berlin, [c.1908]. Sassoon describes this monumental and formidably difficult work as 'a banquet of musical rhetoric'. Clement Harris: Ballade. Leipzig, 1894. Clement Harris (1871-1897), pianist and composer, studied at the Frankfurt Conservatorium and with Clara Schumann. He was in Greece when war broke out between Greece and Turkey, enlisted in the Greek army and was killed at the Battle of Pente Pigadia. in April, 1897. Scriabin: Six Préludes, Op.13. Leipzig, 1897. Bartók: Gyermekeknek / Für Kinder [For Children, Book 1]. Budapest, [1909]. Rachmaninov: Second-Concerto pour le Piano avec Orchestre, Op.18. Moscow, [c.1914].