Past Images of the Month - November 2018

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As the Glove-Seller in Massine's Gaîeté Parisienne. 1950. Mona Inglesby as Swanhilda in Coppelia Act I. Jack Spurgeon as Frantz in Coppelia. Harcourt Algeranoff as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night. Mona Inglesby as The Bride in her own ballet Amoras. Three pages from a Blackpool programme January 1942. Anthony Eustrel as Comus in The Masque of Comus.  Ballet by Mona Inglesby. Constance Shacklock as Sabrina with her nymphs in The Masque of Comus. Anthony Eustrel as Comus and Mona Inglesby as Cotytto in The Masque of Comus. Everyman, based  on the 15th-century morality play.  Choreography by Mona Inglesby. Nina Tarakanova as the Temptress and Harold Turner as Death in Everyman. Scene from Everyman. Mona Inglesby as Odette in Le Lac des Cygnes. Mona Inglesby with her faithful dog Copper. Mona Inglesby as Giselle. Mona Inglesby aged 21 in her own ballet Endymion. Courtesy of The Dancing Times. Mona’s first Dancing Times front cover, as the Maid in her own ballet Planetomania. Courtesy of The Dancing Times. Harold Turner as Death, in Mona’s ballet Everyman. Courtesy of The Dancing Times. Programme. Palace Theatre, Manchester. Flyer for the Lyric Theatre, London with drawings by Kay Ambrose. International Ballet was the first ballet company to dance in the Royal Festival Hall which opened 3 May 1951. The back page of this July Concert Programme shows details of the ballet season which opened  26 July for five weeks. Rehearsal in the Arena di Verona. Audience of 20,000 in the Arena di Verona. Rehearsal in the Arena di Verona. Claudia Algeranova. Mona Inglesby. Helène Armfelt. Joan Tucker. Anne Suren. Sandra Vane. Mona with Sergei Vikharev of the Kirov Ballet who had recently re-staged Sleeping Beauty using Nicolai Serguéeff’s Stepanov Notation which Mona had preserved and deposited at Harvard.  Photograph Jennie Walton.