Past Images of the Month - December 2018

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Edmond Rostand. Chromolithograph caricature by Jean Baptiste Guth, 1900. From Vanity Fair, London, 20 June 1901. Chabrier: Ode à la Musique, composed to a text commissioned from Rostand in 1890. Published in 1891, the opening is shown here in a reprint in Chabrier's Recueil des Mélodies (Paris, 1904). Chabrier: 3 songs to words by Rostand, published in his Six Mélodies and separately as here. (Paris, 1890). Alexis Rostand: Pierrot qui pleure et Pierrot qui rit (1895). Autograph manuscript of the full score. Royal College of Music, London. Cyrano de Bergerac. Programme for the performances at Her Majesty's Theatre, London in July 1901, with Coquelin and Sarah Bernhardt in their original roles. Benoit-Constant Coquelin as Cyrano. Photograph by Nadar, Paris, 1897. Chantecler. Programme for the first production, Paris, Théâtre de la Porte Saint Martin, March 1910. Programmes for three recent performances of Cyrano de Bergerac operas: Tallinn 2005 (Tamberg), London 2006 (Alfano), Paris 2009 (Alfano).