Image of the Month - July 2021

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Reflected in a mirror at the Grand Osterley Ball in 1985, Mr. Oliver Davies, Conductor, and inspiration for the dance. Photograph by Jennie Walton. 'The hero of the evening was Oliver Davies, who taught everyone their steps beforehand, and, above all, unearthed the dance music of the period.  As he said, he scoured Europe for dances which were well-known to Lady Jersey, but had not been heard for over a century.  To make sure that their names are not lost, here is the evening's programme.' The V&A Album 4, 1985. (see details of the ball below.) Being presented with the Tagore Medal by The Queen Mother, 1961. Gaetano Pugnani (1731–1798). Oil on canvas. School of Turin, 1754. © The Royal College of Music, London. Sir Adrian Boult (1889-1983). Oil on fibreboard by William Narraway, 1977. © The Royal College of Music, London. Sir George Henschel (1850–1934). Oil on canvas by Felix Stone Moscheles, 1880. © The Royal College of Music, London. Jan Ladislav Dussek (1760–1812). Oil on canvas by Henri-Pierre Danloux, 1795. © The Royal College of Music, London. Department of Portraits and Performance History. Photograph by Jennie Walton. © The Royal College of Music, London. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912). Student at the RCM 1890-97. Photograph by Debenham & Gould, c.1900. © The Royal College of Music, London. Showing The Queen Mother a score at the Royal Society of Musicians, 1980. Oliver playing on his Erard piano at Hatchlands. September, 2015. Rehearsing with Rowena Bass. Playing with Rowena Bass. Playing for 'The English Quadrille' at the Waterloo Assembly, 22 June 1991. The English Quadrille was originally formed by Christine and Ellis Rogers to provide 'living history' at the Wellington Museum, Apsley House. Oliver played with them on numerous occasions. Programme in Oliver's distinctive hand for which we would like to thank Ellis Rogers. Programme, 6 June 2012. In Rodhuish Chapel. With Ann Griffiths at the Harp Course Concert at Pantybeiliau, Gilwern, Wales, July 1967.