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Past Exhibition of the Month - August 2017

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Engraving by Leclerc after a drawing by A. Guilleminot.

Engraving by Leclerc after a drawing by A. Guilleminot.

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MÉHUL, Etienne-Nicolas (b.Givet, Ardennes, 22 June 1763; d.Paris, 18 October 1817) and BERTON, Henri-Montan Berton (b.Paris, 17 September 1767; d.Paris, 22 April 1844)


Two significant figures in French music history during the turbulent period which encompassed the Revolution are celebrating anniversaries this Autumn.  Berton was born 250 years ago in September while the bicentenary of Méhul's death falls one month later.  Both of them prolific opera composers, their music is seldom heard today, but we are glad to honour them with these contemporary engravings.


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Engraving by Edme Quenedey des Riceys.  Paris, 1809. Anonymous Engraving.  Published by Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig, [c.1800].