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Past Exhibition of the Month - December 2021

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A D V E N T   C A L E N D A R

The Holy Family

Chromolithograph after Raphael's Madonna della seggiola. [c.1880s].
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1 December - Henry Russell: Merry Christmas Quadrilles (arranged for piano by W. H. Montgomery). London, [1843]. Designed by John Brandard. Printed in colors [sic] by M. & N. Hanhart. 2 December - Ezra Read: Christmas Party. Descriptive Fantasia. London [1899]. 3 December - Henri Laurent: The Christmas Waits. Comic Quadrille. London [c.1860]. Designed by John Brandard and lithographed by M. & N. Hanhart.

4 December - Henry Farmer: Little Pets Christmas.  Quadrille. London, [c.1860]. 5 December - William Smallwood: A Merry Christmas Polka. London [1878]. 6 December - Brinley Richards: A Christmas Piece. London, [1860?]. Signed by the composer.

7 December - Album of Dance Music. London, [c.1876] Lithographed by T. Packer. 8 December - Francesco Viviani: The Silver Trumpets. London, [1865]. Lithographed by M. & N. Hanhart. 9 December - Metzler & Co's Christmas Album. London, 1887.

10 December - Brinley Richards: The Monastery. London, [1856]. Designed by John Brandard and lithographed by M. & N. Hanhart. 11 December - Camille Schubert: Les Charmes de l'Hiver (from the Musical Bouquet). London, [1855]. 12 December - Charles Marriott: The Mistletoe Polka. London, [c.1858]. Lithographed by Concanen & Lee.

13 December - Charles Coote: Coote's Festival Galop. London, [1860]. Lithographed by T. W. Lee. 14 December - Henry Farmer: The Tandem Galop. London, [1894]. Designed by Alfred Concannen and lithographed by Stannard & Son. 15 December - Frederic Mullen: Winter Suite for Piano. London, 1919.  Gustave Lind was one of the pseudonyms he used.

16 December - Daniel Godfrey: Old Friends. Quadrille. London, [1872]. Lithographed by J. & W. Pearman. 17 December - Adrien Baudouin: Welcome Christmas Polka. London, [1859]. Printed by Stannard & Dixon. 18 December - Ricardo Linter: Merry Old Christmas Quadrilles. London, [1850].

19 December - James Power Clarke: The Winter Night Galop. London, [c.1870?] Designed by John Brandard. 20 December - Anon: Merry Christmas Polka (from the Musical Bouquet). London, [1847]. Vignette by Alfred Ashley (1820-1897). 21 December - Adam Wright: Old Father Christmas Quadrilles. London, [1858].

22 December - John Pridham: Merry Sleigh Bells. London, [c.1873]. Illustrated by C. Kendrick  and lithographed by L'Enfant & White. 23 December - Henry Schallehn: The Christmas Tree Quadrille.  London, [c.1856]. Lithographed by W. Cornish. 24 December - William Hutchins Callcott: The Holy Family.  Admired Sacred Melodies by the Most Celebrated Composers. Series I. London [1880s]. Illustrated with a chromolithograph after Raphael's Madonna della seggiola.